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I'm no longer coding in Flash, and these are around 10 years old, but some are fun to look at.


Battle alien turrets and the force of gravity

Screen shot from UltimaThrust Enough messing around, this is why you're here :D. I wrote this single player, multi-level game at the end of 2003, in AS1 in Flash MX, it's based on the game Thrust from the 80s.

You control a spaceship and the aim is to collect a pod and deposit it in a teleporter. On the way you are attacked by gun turrets, have to navigate through tunnels, doors and gravity generators.

Play UltimaThrust

Photo Scatter

Screen shot from Photo Scatter Play with the photos as if they were scattered on a table. With the mouse you can pick them up and throw them around.

Open Photo Scatter

Car Game

Screen shot from Car Game A simple car racer with a lap timer. Car Game ... it's a game, with a car. Use arrow keys to drive. Don't crash.

Play Car Game

Ball Game

Screen shot from Ball Game Use your mouse to knock the ball around; the grass reacts to the ball and the wind. If you click the sign the ball freezes and allows you to control the wind with your mouse.

Play Ball Game

3D Spinning Carousel Menu

Screen shot from 3D Carousel Menu A 3D rotating menu. You can click on the black buttons, or on the menu items themselves, and they all rotate to position the one you selected at the front.

This was used as the basis for work on part of the NCSL project for the BBCW.

View 3D Carousel Menu

The rest are smaller experiments, most work by moving your mouse over the pictures.

Blob grid


Fish Eye Lens

Folding Image Experiment

Interactive Grass

Paper Clips

Rectangle push

Rectangle push and rotate

Rubberbricks (Rectangle push continuation)

Rubberbricks with constraints


Snakes II

Waving lines following mouse

Spirals in motion

Spirals in motion 1

Spirals in motion 2

Spirals in motion 3

Spirals in motion 4

Spirals in motion 5


Tunnel Vision


Maths experiments

Fitting random balls into a space

Fitting uniform balls into a space


Photo Zoom (Pamplona Bull)

Maths experiment: Point to Vector

Camera shutter

Waving lines with ball

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